Coactive is a Visual Studio extension which provides developers with unique insights into what their teammates are working on in real time, prevent conflicts before they happen, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Real time file insights

With the Coactive Activity Browser, you will automatically see, in real time, which files are being accessed by your teammates working within the same repository.  You can even see files which have not yet been committed to source control!

In-editor collaboration actions

With the Coactive in-editor action button, you have the power to view your teammate’s version of the file, see a diff between theirs and yours, query branch information, and more!


Coactive has a range of collaboration features designed to improve productivity, enable a wider range of collaboration opportunities, and prevent waste induced by code conflicts.


See what your teammates are working on in real time.

view your teammate's file

At the click of a button, see your teammate’s version of a file exactly as they see it.

View diffs

Quickly and easily see a diff between your and your teammate’s version of a file.

Fast navigation

Quickly jump to files your teammates are working on right from the Coactive Activity Browser.

Low configuration

Right out of the box Coactive will notify you about activities of your team with next to no config necessary.

Integrate with visual studio live share

Coactive is the perfect companion to Visual Studio Live Share.

Sign up for the Coactive Alpha

If you’d like to try out the alpha version of Coactive, sign up at the link below.  We are interested in having teams of two or more people try Coactive for free and tell us what they think.