Become a Coactive Alpha User

We’re looking for intrepid teams of developers and engineers to take Coactive for a test drive, and help us with feedback and suggestions to make it a great product for devs.

What We Need

We need teams who can try out Coactive for us, and let us know what you think.  We need your feedback on our collaborative development platform, as well as what features you like, and what you’d want to see it give you in the future.

We’re  building Coactive as a tool for people who write code, plain and simple.  Our goal is to make collaboration easier and more in-line with how devs write software.   If we can help you dodge one bug, avoid one merge conflict, or just engage with your teammates in a more intuitive manner, we’ve done our job.

We want you to help us make something that works for you, and this means us finding out what you want.


What’s In It For Me and My Team?

That’s a fair question, and one we intend to answer in the most pragmatic way possible.  Collaboration software for coders is coming in some form or another.  This is the next logical step in the future of IDEs.  We are already seeing signs of this with features like remote pairing, deeper integration into PRs and code reviews, and growing connectivity with messaging systems. 

We want Coactive to be a collaboration platform FOR devs.  Not for managers or bosses or anyone to spy on you, not for non-developers to chase after you.  This is a tool to improve the collaborative abilities between teams of engineers, nobody else. 

We want to get your feedback so we can build the collaboration toolkit YOU want and which has YOUR interests at heart.

(Plus, we intend to have giveaways over the coming months to the best feedback we receive.  Hey, free stuff, right? )

What would we need to do?

You and your team agree to give us a real try for one month. Use Coactive as we outline in our “Alpha User’s Guide to using Coactive”, and provide us any and all feedback you can.  

There is no charge to you in any way, beyond using Coactive daily / regularly, and providing us insights.  We will request online or phone interviews at the end of the month trial, and that will be that.

You and your team will be free to use Coactive after the alpha program closes if you like, and as part of our oldest 100 teams and teammates, you will never be charged for Coactive, now or in the future.

*Note:  Any new teammates coming on after the alpha program has closed, of course, will be subject to paid subscriptions once we go there.  We are trying to make a living at this, after all  🙂


We still have questions / concerns before signing up

We understand completely.  It’s a big ask, but one we think you’ll come to see as a positive one as you and your teammates use Coactive. 

But before you and your team can make such a commitment, you want to be sure.

Check out our Coactive Users FAQ for the most common questions and concerns we get.

If you have other concerns, you are welcome to contact us either on our Support Portal, or just hit us up directly.  We will respond as fast as we can.

Sign up for the Coactive Alpha

So what do you say? Are you keen to try something new, and be a part of the next big evolution in the way developers work together?

We need you to tell us what you want to collaborate, and we’ll build it the way you like.